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Last revision of this policy: September 2019

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of information stored in files within your computer’s browser itself. Cookies are accessible and stored by the websites you visit, and by companies that display their advertisements on websites, so that they can recognize the browser. Websites can only access the cookies they have stored on your computer.

2. Type of cookies used

  1. We use several types of cookies. Some are essential, while others you can opt out of or block. Opting out or blocking some cookies may affect the functionality of the services of our Website (the Services)
  2. The below explanations shall help you to make informed choices about the information you provide to us when you access and use our Website. 

3. Why and how we use cookies

There are several reasons why a cookie might be stored on your electronic device when accessing and using the Services, mainly:

  1. cookies that make the Services work properly for you;
  2. cookies that collect data about your use of the Services which is then used on an anonymous basis to help us improve our Services;
  3. cookies that remember your preferences and make the Services easier for you to use;

These cookies are placed on your electronic device by us.
Some cookies are retained in your electronic device for only as long as you access and use the Services, while others persist for a longer specified or unspecified period.

4. How to block cookies

You can restrict or block cookies which are set during your use of the Services by changing your electronic device’s or browser’s settings. For more detailed information, see Some Services may not work if you completely disable cookies, but many third party cookies can be safely blocked. Check also information in your browser’s help section for specific instructions on how to manage cookies.

5. Strictly necessary cookies

Some cookies we place on your electronic device ensure that the Services, deliver you information and/or services securely and optimally. You must accept these cookies to be able to make use of the Services.

6. Performance cookies

We use a number of tools that monitor your use of the Services to help us improve and customize the provided information and/or services. In particular the Services use the Cookie Google Analytics which collects information and reports website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. You can opt out of providing us with this information if you wish, with no impact on your experience of the Website. To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics when using the Website:

7. Third party cookies

We do not use third party services to render the Services and we therefore do not use third-party cookies.

8. Cookies set across the Services

strictly necessary cookies

CookieCookie name(s)Data stored Data When does it expire? Description
[Wordfence Verified Human][wordfence_verifiedHuman][Random Key][24h][Wordfence Cookie used to verify if the visitor is a bot or human]
[Wordfence][wfvt_[xxxxxxxxxx] ](random ID)[Random Key][30 minutes][Wordfence Tracks a user duration so that the page views can be grouped together]
[Cookie Notice][cookie_notice_accepted][True ][1 month][MindMotionWeb Cookie used to verify if the visitor is a Healthcare Professional]

Performance cookies

Cookie Cookie name(s) Data stored Data When does it expire? Description
[Google Analytics][_ga][Random Key][2 years][Google Analytics cookie, used to distinguish users.]
[Google Analytics] [_gat][1][1 minutes][Google Analytics cookie, used to throttle request rate]
[Google Analytics] [_gid] [Random Key] [24h][Google Analytics cookie, used to distinguish users.]

About MindMaze

Founded in 2012, MindMaze is a global leader in brain technology with a mission to accelerate humanity’s ability to recover, learn and adapt.

With over a decade of work at the intersection of neuroscience, biosensing, engineering, mixed reality and artificial intelligence, we have enhanced the recovery potential of patients with neurological diseases. Combining our FDA cleared and CE marked digital therapeutics with best-in-class motion analytics, AI and cloud technologies, our goal is to create the universal platform for brain health.